My Father

My Father:
10 years ago on the same date , my father left us for heavenly abode.
On 3rd December 2008, I came to Gandhinagar for the Technical Scrutiny Committee, just after completing the meeting , I got a call from my uncle who gave me this sad news, and I immediately rushed to my home at Adipur.
Before I reach Adipur, all my friends reached my home and they were with my family members and made all arrangements for funeral. I am still thankful to my friends
Today ten years has passed, I still remember that my father use to wake up in early morning and I moved for Gandhinagar on the 3rd Devember 2008, my father asked that why you are frequently going to long tours, he was no comfortable on that day.
My father came to India after partition , at that time he was 7 years of age and first came at Varsha Coloney Vadodhara and there after they moved in Ulhasnagar Camp-1 and lived in barrack.
Later my Grand Parents shifted at Adipur and against claim settlement got three houses and they shifted to Adipur.
My Grandfather Shri Kalachand was a Chemist and started working in Medical Shop of one Mr.Lal Vaswani
My father cleared ITI in fitting and started a Job in Tolani Foundation Gandhidham Polytechnic as Fitting instructor. He was the founder member of TFGP
I learned the fitting jobs from my father during my studies in TFGP during the first year in 1981.
My father was hard working and he always liked to do part time job after the teaching hours, I remember he use to work as operator of Usha Talkies ( Now Vinay cinema), Movies were free for us and I watched almost every movie with my father when I was child.
He also started a shop on the Maitry road Adipur of bakery Items, when I was child , use to sit in the shop in the evening, then he sold the shop to one Kishin Tailor and still this shop exist and next generation of Shri Kishin are operating this shop.

During the last few years before retirement , he started visiting the Radha Krishin temple of Divine Life Society every evening.
He was very fond of feeding the birds, hundreds of parrots use to come to our house when my father use to give grains, but cats use to hunt them frequently as it was each catch due to large number of birds at one place, so my father discontinued.
He retired in year 1998, in the same year my son Yash was born and he became busy in taking care and playing with him.
I started the Job in 1983 and both father and son worked parallel for about 15 Years, there was mistake of 2 years in age of my father registered during employment , otherwise he would have retired in Year 2000.
He was follower of Radha Swami and had become vegetarian , he used to mediate for number of hours and in year 2003, it was day of Shivratri , he was meditating and locked himself in the room and was not opening , when we forced him and came out of the room , but lost the mental balance for which his treatment was continued for some time. But he lived the normal life except on some occasions we have to make counseling.
Overall he was healthy, without any disease of Blood pressure or Diabetes
During the entire life he was very Kind to the family and never gave any trouble to use.
Yesterday I spoke to my Mother , about the ten years passed without my Father and today my Wife reminded me in the morning that 10 years has passed and we remember him very much.


Tappar Reservoir- A Case Study

Tappar Reservoir- A Case Study

Dangal: A Must watch movie in Theater

This Saturday on 7th January 2017, I watched Dangal along with family in SB Multiplex. This is the movie which every on shall watch in the theater.

The best part was that except Aamir Khan all the other Key actors were new and less known.

All the songs were background songs which make the movie realistic. The only song which was not a back ground song was a marriage song which looked realistic as in every marriage such type of songs are sung in almost every community.

Actors of the movie does not belong to Hariyana but there was good command in their language.

“ Babu Sehat Ke Liye” was the best song of the Movie.

There was a climax insident in which Music National Anthem was played when Geeta won the gold medal, during such incident majority of the audience of the movie stood up at their places to respect the National Anthem. This was the situation when I felt proud about my Nation and citizen of the Nation.


Value of History

In December -2016, I visited Udaipur. I had visited Udaipur two times before also, but this visit was in the period of demonitorization of Rs 1000 & Rs 500 notes.

The vision of looking to Udaipur was different this time. Rajisthan is the state where there are few rivers, larger portion is desert and this state does not have any coastal boundries, so there are no sea ports also.

Earnings through tourism is the main source of income of the people of state. What is encashed? People are encashing the valuable history, there are many foreigners comming to Udaipur and they are interestingly hearing the narrations given by their tour guide. I found that foreigners are taking great interest in history.

In their own country they may be having lakes larger than Udaipur and they may be even more beautiful than the lakes of Udaipur. But what attracts is the Palace besides lake, so the importance of lake is increased.

People interestly hear from the guide about elephant fight on the location where there is just a thick wall behind which elephant are kept. It seems interesting in hearing without the presence of elephant, even seeing live elephant may not be interesting. So anything connected with the history becomes interesting and attracts the tourist.

I came to conclusion that History is also the big resource, hence history shall be preserved and its value increases as the event and structure becomes old.udaipur